change is inevitable

I spend a lot of time with Cappy. He pisses me off quite a bit sometimes, but it’s usually because he’s forcing me to see parts of myself that I don’t like. Bah!
Last night he, Hedge, Nikki and I went for pancakes. Cappy ended up getting us free food because he flirted with the waiter (gay guy). It was awesome. Free food, yay! Then we were going to watch Snatch because Nikki’s never seen it, but it was out. So we got Bed of Roses instead. Don’t ask. I hate girly movies, but it was funny anyway. Yahoo! Sat around and talked. It amazes me how much people give sometimes.
Cappy thinks I’m dumb because I love giving to people and taking care of them but I hate it when people do it for me. I dunno. It’ll work out.
Coming home next weekend. The 22ndish.
Starting kick boxing tonight. 4 times a week. Get my ass kicked, but become a badass. I think it’s a fair exchange. Need to look into fencing club too. God I kick ass at fencing. 🙂 I am fit. Yahoo.
My hair is brilliant red with black tips again. So good.
Getting all my work done. That’s good. Test today, think I’ll do well at that.
Brian comes on Friday. Valentine’s Day. God I feel like such a girl.
I miss you guys!

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