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I wrote this yesterday, but it wouldn’t post. Ah well.

It was raining today. Warmed up enough yesterday to be the perfect day for most people, but was still warm enough today for the perfect rain for me.

When it rains I feel like the world is crying. All day it anticipates being able to finally let loose. Rainy days before it rains are a time for getting over things. And if you have nothing to get over… well, then it’s a time to just be. Then when the sky finally breaks and sobs down on the world… everyone turns away. They run. They don rain coats and carry umbrellas. But I… I stand in the rain, and let the world cry on my shoulders. And I comfort it. And it tells me things it wouldn’t tell other people because they don’t care.

Been spending a lot of time with Cappy lately. I thought he was stimulating my mind… I still do. But I also think he’s blind to the world. I may choose to play blind but that’s only because I’ve seen it. He… he doesn’t know it. I think he sees the joy in me and that I can see beauty in everything and tries to destroy that in me because he has not found that yet. I also think he doesn’t like being challenged, especially by someone three years younger than him. That’s right, folks. I’ve met someone who can even bullshit around me.
Now do I keep being friends with him, stop hanging out with him, tear him down, or play him like a puppet? I like the idea that he thinks he’s opening my eyes, being my savior, while I watch him.

Because I have seen the beauty in everything. I rambled about it on deadjournal. Ah yes.

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