where is home if you don’t have a heart?

*drip drip* said my nose.

“Here you go,” he said, handing me The Collected Dust Covers, “can I file for an extension on my lease?”


Need boxes for moving home and sorting out the shit in my head.
Classes are done. Finals to go.

Seamus.. he won’t be in the same town as me. Shocked horror.
Can I make it?


2 thoughts on “where is home if you don’t have a heart?

  1. not really anonymous…

    I LOVE YOU WILLOW!! tis audrey.. i can’t wait for you to come home cause i surely do miss you. things suck and i need someone to get drunk with me, and i choose you. its thunderstorming so i outta turn off my computer, except maybe i’ll get lucky and it’ll get hit by lightning… i love you and miss you. come home soon. and don’t be sad cause no matta what, i looove you!

    • Re: not really anonymous…

      I don’t know if I’m drinking anymore, but I’ll drink one more time with you. : ) I think I’ll stick to my current addictions for awhile, and not move back to old ones.
      Can’t wait to see you!

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