the beat is what persuades my heart to beat

You know that really good song from The Matrix?
No… not that one.
That other one.
The one that is beautiful and upbeat at the same time.
The one that is empowering. The one you wish you could find.
Yeah. That one.

Guess what.

I know what it is.

And you should download it. And if you find the video you should send it to me.

It’s Rob D’s “Clubbed to Death”.

Get it.

More music should be like this.

(I also like how in The Matrix Reloaded they relate sex to dancing and the music and… aaahhhh so well. Yeah)

4 thoughts on “the beat is what persuades my heart to beat

  1. Madison and I used to turn that song on loop and do our homework to it back in the day when she was here. [sniff sniff] ah memories.

        • They have a thing out now with two disks… one is the CD, the other is the music videos. I don’t know how much it runs for, but Seamus found it… Has some cool pics in it too. Just says Rob Dougan. Maybe Furious Angels is also printed on it. Cool pics. Hell, if you can’t find it, I’ll bring it to you.

          (If you can download, get Born Yesterday.. Most of his songs are unequal to Angels and Clubbed)

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