what happened to Rosy (Rosie?) reminds me of how much people suck.

And how stupid they are.

And how much I pride myself of my argumentative skills.

Stick to the topic. If you don’t, you’re avoiding the point so why argue?
Know what the hell you’re talking about.

Those are the only two you really need.


It also reminds me why I try not to get angry at people…
I tend to hit them where it hurts, and not regret it.

Moving on…
I wish people put one fraction of the effort into this world that I do.
I wish, for one night at least, people would look me in the eye and ask “how was YOUR day?” instead of me dragging them, kicking and screaming, out of their shells.
Showing them it doesn’t hurt to be out of protective wear.
And leaving them shell shocked as I move on to the next person.
It’s exhausting.
Fuck ’em.
I’m sick of the effort.

14 thoughts on “reminisce

  1. going on the the “on to the next person” part, I assume that you meant during your job as a service worker.

    I’ve noticed that most people get jaded to the “Hi, thank you for shopping with us, how was your day” deal after the capitalist pigs made it a mandatory part of the clerks vocabulary. Even though you may say it because you actually give a damn about the human being standing in front of you, most of the time all they see is a warm body thats eventually going to take their money and see them out the door.

    But I still like to remind them that I care, if for no other reason than to make them squirm. : ) Maybe to give them something to think about when they respond to my “Howdy” with a “Fine, how about yourself?”

    • oh, i give them thow-off answers all the time. it’s SO obvious that i actually care. i mean, it really is. when i get a response out of someone, it’s thought, not automatic. it’s the people that don’t respond that irk me. and that it’s always me that has to start a conversation.

      btw, glad to know you’re alive

      • Rock the fuck on with your people lovin’ self!

        I think that you always have to start the conversation because all the friendly customers got jaded to cashiers that let their jobs get them down. Its not the customers fault that they don’t care, its all the evil cashiers that made it pointless for them to do so. (In most cases)

        Hey, wanna start a revolution of people that make their shitty sales jobs fun? We can have seminars and nifty diagrams that make no sense whatsoever!

        • fuck yeah. as soon as i get there.

          cappy and i used to go on crusades…
          talk to people at the bus stop, on the bus, get them involved… just go around, engaging people…

          i think it helped.

          we should definately continue in p-town.

        • “Used to”? Damn, that sounds like me my Senior year in high school. I know it helped by the looks in people’s eyes when this guy with a 2 foot mohawk that got caught in the hand straps on the bus started talking to them about the simple joys in life.

          I think I lost my motivation because I didn’t have an accomplice to kick my ass when I got slack. Sometimes folks get jaded by life as a whole (Or just the Pot) and need someone to pick them up atomic wedgie style and remind them of why they started.

          We should definitly do it again.
          We’re gonna rock this town.
          We’re gonna rock it inside out.


          (thanks to Mars for putting a phrase like this in my head)

  2. hi

    Most people stay in there protective gear because there afraid.Its funny cauce there afraid not of death or pain, war ext. There afraid someone might not like them. Might even oh no laugh at them. You see In a nut shell most people at a young age come out of there shells only to be put in a blender and almost not make it back to the safety of there shells. So what happens is in spite of the fact that theres many many great things out there they stay in the saftey of there shels for fear of the blender. Ok in a nutshell. People get fucked over in this world. They fear showing themself cause they don’t like what they see. So they do everything in there power not to care about anything as not to get hurt. They think the easiest way not to lose the race is to not race at all but don’t then theres no chance of winning. I’m very tired and talking out of my ass so Im going to go now. Good luck with the vinyl Funny my “nutshell” is longer then the beginning. Later

    • Re: hi

      i know all this…

      but if we would all just care… and not hate or ridicule… we would all be so much happier.

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