ohh fuck.

today was my last day at work.
tomorrow is family day.
monday corey gets here.
tuesday and wednesday are in bloomington.
thursday is appointment/packing day.
friday is going away party day.
saturday is joe’s wedding.
sunday we leave.

sweet mother of god.

hold me.

10 thoughts on “ohh fuck.

  1. Orion says ….quite being so busy! You are way to busy running around and stuff. And I believe i agree with him.

    I hope everything gets done for you so that you can come to the wedding and plan on spending alot of time cause its going to be a hellacious shindig!!! hehehe later

    • we will definately be spending time.

      did you get my msg?

      are you going to come see me on friday? i understand if no, but i am keeping my hopes up.

  2. i bet you got that nice warm butterfly like feeling in your tummy!

    tell madison i said hi if you see her before u leave! I been tryin to call her to no avail!

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