so yesterday was my birthday… yay and stuff…
corey got me flowers and put them in a vase (ie, the blender) for me. they’re pretty. they got me cake at work. seamus and i saw Big Fish. bruce took me out for a drink after work because corey was feeling sickly.
all in all a good day.

seamus leaves soon. i am sad.
but we can get a laptop decently soon, and our iPod rocks.

love to all.

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  1. happy belated special day!

    happy day! i will take out for an unbirthday event next time i see you because we couldnt do anything for the real one. if i drink soon i will pour one out for the all homies in VA. and sorry about the leaving brother, but at least he is good about coming back? doesnt help much i know. you have a hot ass and i will miss you until i see you again.
    much love!

  2. I wish I’d known it was your birthday. Happy late birthday anyhow. I haven’t seen you in ages. I hope you two are doing well.

    My art show is coming up at the end of May. I’m having it at Relative Theory Records in Norfolk…Dunno if you know that place, but it rocks. You two will get invites.


      • (\\o/)

        It’ll be from May 22nd to the 27th…but the reception won’t be the first day because I’m going to see The Cure in D.C. [oh yes, the Cure]. Muaha. I’ll keep you posted, hun. Yes, do visit whenever you can. I’m mostly house-ridden because my allergies are out of control and so is the pollen count.

        Love ya hun.



    .hack//infection loves you. 🙂
    I love you too.
    We all love you.
    You are loved.
    Feel the love?
    Much love.
    Corey might love you too…

  4. hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey. Happy happy birthday. I dunno if you got my email or if Ive neglected to check mine. What is your address now? I have giiiiifffts! Shiny shiny things. Pretty things. You want to touch it. Yes … touch it. Go on …

    Body massage

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