cabin fever

Sometimes I feel… almost trapped here.
I mean… I’m extremely happy, don’t get me wrong.
But sometimes I just want to get out. Everyone I know was either Corey’s friend first or is from work. I don’t know people here. And then when I have a day off to hang out with people, we rarely do. Corey does tell me that he misses getting out as much as he used to… but he doesn’t go out when I’m at work, and we don’t get out when we have time together.

I don’t know.

I need to go back to college.

14 thoughts on “cabin fever

  1. the muppets movie has a scene with all the muppets singing about cabin fever and going mad and i always die laughing when i see it. the crazy mice/mouse (i cant remember it if is one of a few) = my favorite part.

    much love

    • i love muppet movies!
      i like at the beginning of Muppets from Space when they’re all singing “Brick House” (i think) and the fish are in the toilet and stuff.

  2. I feel you. I completely buried myself in my relationship and my job in the past 8 months. One day I looked around and realized very little else remained. Sometimes I feel really stagnant.

    • i just always used to hang out with people… and i feel like everyone here is corey’s friend first. i know that most of them like me… but i still feel weird hanging out with them on my own, you know?

      • You mentioned wanting to be a sex therapist at one time. TCC offers a really interresting course called Human Sexuality. I’m just finishing it up, and it’s been an eye opening (If not eye popping) experience.

        TCC=Cheap credits that transfer easily to ODU

  3. howdy hunnny!!

    weird. same situation, different state. i’m sure justin feels the same way you do. and i do sorta too… so, you aren’t alone. and college, good, but don’t over work yourself, you’re so busy. keep in mind you are only 1/10th the way into your life, you have plenty of time to do anything you want. take your time. and remember, indiana-ins will ALWAYS love you and welcome you and corey with open arms. much love my hunny. ps-marry? not sure yet. <--in response to your email. i know you understand. bye bye. -aud

    • Re: howdy hunnny!!

      i hear from you so rarely these days… you really need some minutes on your phone!
      i love you. be happy. do what you have to in order to be happy.

  4. Hopeful Vibes

    Feeling trapped is one of the most soul squelching experiences. I encourage you to excercise freedom in as many forms as possible. Don’t let anyone hold you back.
    Hope everything is wonderful with you and C, and that things are in an upward progression all around.
    Best wishes, love, care, and prayer all the way from MS.


  5. I’m a hazard to your mental stability

    What if we decide we like you more than corey?
    🙂 I mean, he’s great and all… but you’re WILLOW!
    Ya don’t get much better than that. 😉

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