Seamus and Corey took me to see Ani. It was awesome. I especially liked the about 7 boyfriends where were tolerating the environment to be nice to their girlfriends.
I’ve also put in my two weeks at Applebee’s. I start at a local place called the Deck next week. Yay!
That’s about it.
I think I’ve persuaded Corey to move to Canada with me. I hope.

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    • It will be a bit yet before we move to Canada, turning all of the US into a place a bit more like it. I think most Americans will have to be put through shock therapy, but this is the price we pay.

  1. Man, I’ve been trying to get ahold of you guys constantly 🙁 Blehhhhhhhh…

    don’t move and not see me first I MISS YOU GUYS GRRR… but I never get my calls returned… so I just gave up and thought you guys didn’t want to talk to me anymore… poo.


    • I want to talk to you, I just don’t always know when you call. I’m also a work horse, so what time I do have free has to be distributed. Plus Seamus is here right now and I want to spend as much time with him as possible.

  2. that would be so cool if u moved to Canada! Do u know where Seamus is? I sent him a marriage proposal and havnt really heard from since he said yes…hehehe we could be sister in laws 😀 lol

    • he told me he had replied to that… his laptop has been on the fritz lately…
      Yahoo Canada! Post to Corey’s questions about the lovely country on his livejournal, user name whiteplastik

  3. hey there. long time no c. Your a hard person to get ahold of. We should hang out or something some time. Please tell cory he needs to get in touch with me and crystal.


  4. I’m alive!

    My computer is finally fixed! I brought him home toooooodaaaaaay!! Hooray! I’m so mother fuckin’ happy! The last three numbers of the serial code bar number thingy are 666. No wonder my computer can be a bitchy bitch bitch. Anyway, I miss you and I love you and I finally found a good birthday present for you. It’s late but it’s good. So … *ehem* … can I uh … *looks at feet* have your address … AGAIN. I’m going to start tattooing this crap on my arms or whatever. Is it still 2813 apt 5? And I love the picture. Later chiquita!
    PS Zim is funny.

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