Female 332 D … “Feet”

I’ve never had a cat. I wanted a cat. We adopted a kitten.
It’s the cutest thing ever.
So adorable it should be shot. I hope you know what I mean.
She sleeps on me. She runs up to me when I walk in the room from work. Fucking adorable.

6 thoughts on “Female 332 D … “Feet”

  1. because I mother effing can

    If your koi is too big to freeze and you’re too cheap to buy the stuff to put them to sleep it is recommended you thwack them with a hammer. Totally. koivet.com
    Shanes kitty has kittens! Four. I saw them when they were immobile balls of fluff. Now they are prime for the terrorizing.

    And your pet poops in a box. Eeeew.

    • Re: because I mother effing can

      i think it’s more fun to shoot your koi. of course, i reccommend first putting them in a barrell, as you don’t want to ruin your tank.
      it’s more fun, plus it’s like shooting monkeys in a barrell, only with water!

      • Re: because I mother effing can

        You are going to get something in the mail. It is good. Now spank me.

        Girl with a pearl earring is good. See it. Love it. Touch yourself over it. Then touch me. And Jen and Ben. And Corey and your cat and my dog and then some random guy on your street. Better yet a few streets over so he doen’t know where you live and try to return the favor after thwacking you and shoving ou into a plastic bag wherein you suffocate and he takes advantage of your lifeless corpse. Although a lifeless corpse is better then a lively one. Anyway, off to other things.

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