“I know we can bring that number up!”

first the good news:
work still rocks.
jodi’s gig was sweet.
i’m sure vikki’s was too, i send you my love and apologize.
jen is coming to visit me!
madison sent me the coolest care package ever.

then i talked to my parents today…
some dumbass judge ignored common sense, experts, and MY DAD (for the love of god), and put an abused woman and her children back into the arms of a highly abusive husband.
my cousin john died at like 13 (maybe he was even 16) from Cistic Fibrosis (excuse the misspelling) yesterday.
my eigth grade teacher who majorly influenced my life in good ways was in a bad bike wreck and has bad head trauma. i can’t even get ahold of him.

i guess it’s good to see all sides of life… but christ.

8 thoughts on ““I know we can bring that number up!”

  1. willow, keva () is moving here to be with me… any advice for her to help cope with her nerves?… you’ve been through this…

    • definately remind her how much YOU want her to be there… that was something I had troubles with… maybe pre-plan visits from her friends/to her friends…

      when is she moving?

    • Chad Hassett…
      He’s ok… I talked to him a couple days ago.
      He supported me through the last two years of middle school when I was battling the people who couldn’t understand me questioning “The Faith”

  2. howdy

    hi willow. i miss you. tell corey i say hi, and that i’m going to come steal you so he needs to put you in a lock box under the bed… umm.. thats pretty much it. things suck lately for me too.. i hope things are better now. love you.

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