It may kill them.

It almost killed mine.

This is a kind of flea shampoo/flea drops supposedly formulated especially for cats.
It poisons them, sends them into seizures, and then kills them.

Please pass this message on.
Contact me if you’ve had a similar experience.

I’m doing something about this shit.

11 thoughts on “Hartz

  1. You’re right, Willow. I worked at a Vet Clinic this summer as a bather, and I talked to the vets after I bought my puppy to see what kind of shampoos, etc. to use and they said don’t use ANY store-bought flea shampoos for cats or dogs, because they can cause horrible skin infections and seizuring in the animals. So, don’t buy any flea shampoo for that matter. Get the Frontline oil to put on their back and then after about a week just give the kitten a gentle bath with regular kitty shampoo, or pay the extra five bucks or so to have the kitten bathed at a grooming place or something.

    I was fucking infuriated to hear about the shit. I want to get Hartz put out of business. Iams, too. Don’t even get me started on Iams.

  2. the poor kitties!!

    when i had a kittie i used the cheapy walmart stuff, and he was sad and i put him in a blankie and he shivered for like 2 days, but.. i think he was mental. i’m glad your kittie is ok, and i agree that this stuff isn’t cool. if you need someone to back you up on it, i’m all over it. <3 i wish you were here! i bought cannibal the musical on dvd and watched it with the commentary, and i giggled and missed you. "fudge packer?" love you! -aud

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