Lord of the Yum Yum in Indiana

Corey and I are attending Lord of the Yum Yum Wednesday night at 9pm at the Melody Inn in Indy. Please join us. Call me for information or e-mail me.

3 thoughts on “Lord of the Yum Yum in Indiana

  1. i don’t get to do fun stuff.

    a day and a half until willow is here!!! come visit me. i get home from work at 345ish everyday. call my parents cell phone, which i am holding on to until justin is no longer a threat to my well-being. long story. can’t wait to see you! yeeeeeee! love you. -aud

  2. willow!

    i shall come along, because i want to… but the duct taping can still happen, eh?…

    anyhoo, can’t wait to see you guys…

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