Moving out party

All day on the 14th we will be home, loading the truck. Please come by and see us at any point. It’s the last chance.
If you can’t make it the 14th, post or call and we’ll figure out something for sooner.
Please keep in mind that we cannot drive our car. Long story.

I really do want to see everyone. I am sad.

But on a happy note:
“So I went to Catholic school for twelve years, and when my friends find out they say ‘Jim, you went to Catholic school for twelve years? How come you’re not a Catholic?’ And I say ‘…because I went to Catholic school for twelve years.'”
I can so relate.

8 thoughts on “Moving out party

      • I won’t be able to get to town until like 8pm. I fully told Corey dinner! 🙂 But I’ll be around until Sunday morning, so if you would rather go to lunch on Saturday, that’s cool. 🙂

        • let’s do lunch on friday or saturday… we have dinner planned on thursday night with some other people.

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