We got to see Madison, and that rocked.

Please see Corey’s Journal to donate money towards our empty tummies, gas tank, and cat’s soon-to-be-empty food bowl. I will hump your leg the next time I see you. Even a dollar will help.

I hate pleading for money.

I’m excited to be back here. I love the people, and I’m very excited about school.
And I got a job at Coldstone. Ice cream and off-key singing, here I come.

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  1. food

    sent you a donation via paypal…I wish I had that when I was BROKE and hungry;)good luck we miss you guys…oh and I’ll try to semd some pictures this week of the going away party;)

    lala & jon

    • I’m trying to figure out how to de-block you… it happened awhile ago and I can’t really remember how to reverse it.

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