My socks and shoes are wet and cold.
I had a test today in Psych that I had NO IDEA about and therefore didn’t study or have the allowed notesheet to help me out.
I talked to the owner of Coldstone about how crappy my manager has been to me and the other employees of late (I hate doing that sort of thing, I’d rather fix it myself).
I have to finish my Sociology paper that’s due tomorrow.
I’m hungry as hell.

But I’m happy as hell right now.

Double-ewe Tee Eff, Mate?

5 thoughts on “strange

  1. coldstone?

    Coldstone Creamer? they just built one of those in the ‘city’ i live in, its pretty cool. just wondering if its what your talking about because that would be weird that your talking about it, and everyone here is like
    “have you gone to that new icecream store?”
    “Ahhh!!! Cold Stone!?” *swoon faint*
    and im all like..
    “dude.. stop freaking out”

    yeah, thats about what its like.
    i tried it though.. and it was… alright.

    • Re: coldstone?

      yeah, that’s the place.
      good ice cream.
      get the birthday cake remix… i think you’ll like that one

  2. alright killa’

    I was burning some brain gears and now know what to do for your birthday. I’ll get you a replacment earring. What length and gauge do you need?

    • no idea… I was just going to go into a shop and have them figure it out. We could go together

      mom didn’t get tickets for Neil before they sold out. Since we all already have the day off… should we come to you or do you want to come to us?

      • I still don’t know if I got the time off. If so, I think we’d have better luck finding what you need in Bloomington. Last time I was in Bloomington was … I don’t know. Before you moved to VA I think. Who the hell knows

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