“because a true believer’s always ready to die”

So I work on Friday, but if peeps want to chill with Corey, you should call him up as he has the day off. I’m sure he’d tell you all himself, but he’s WAY too absorbed in Fable to take time for a computer. He’s also way to absorbed to let me play Sims as much as I want. Ha ha ha. I love fighting over the XboX.
Saturday I’m thinking of checking out the Wine Cafe in town while Corey is at work. If anyone would like to join me, feel free.

Otherwise in life: the semester is almost done, I’m looking for a second job.
Other than that? Video games. Just video games.

8 thoughts on ““because a true believer’s always ready to die”

  1. My dad is coming Saturday to help me pack but if he doesn’t stay the whole day or if he’d like to come out with us, we could Wine Bar. Did you mean Tutto Bene? or somewhere new?

    My dad is ok when my mom’s not there, don’t worry.

      • Oh, I guess he hung out with Corey now that I think aboot it. eh.

        I will call and ask what the plans are. 6ish. Must save money…

        Ooh, it’s right next to the army-navy store…we should get their hours and go. I need pants.

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