my delicate skin

so walking from the bus stop to class officially changed my skin tone by at least a shade. so ghey.

This is why I miss VA.

So on Saturday the 16th my friend Alicia is coming down from Logansport and taking me to see The Magic Flute. I think wine at the Spoon before (it’s the day before my birthday!) 8 (maybe we show up around 6:30, 7?) and a bottle of Grey Goose at our house after. Open invite. I love you people.

I love Madison and can’t wait to see her.

8 thoughts on “my delicate skin

  1. Only one picture of me, I see. Probably wise considering how much frame space I take up. But I’m up to 18-19 pounds lost so soon I will be Willow/Corey thin and I can hide in the butter warmer and pop out to scare unsuspecting refrigerator patrons.

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