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  1. First off wtf (mate) is your email now? I’m corn-fused with marshmallow bits. And second … I cannot come down saturday … turns out I’m moving the first week of June! and need to get all my shit to my moms pronto. I can use shanes pickup saturday and star wars isnt even out yet. I’ll check and see if I got the 20th off. What was the gameplan on the 20th? I cannot recollect why I asked for it off. Maybe starwars then? Mmmm? Anyway, time for more pornograghy and I think the lady on the website was faking geekdom.

    Saw Hitchhikers Guide tonight and it was alright. I liked it. I giggled in certain scenes. I think you should see it if you havent already and this is a long post so I’ll shut up now.

    • willow dot brugh at gmail dot com

      i don’t think we have the gas money to come up friday.
      hopefully you still come saturday?

  2. d20

    I think my Wand of Wonder is working now. And my d20 are feeling funny too.

    Anyway, some of us are seeing Evil Dead 2 at the Naro tonight (with Hitchikers again Sunday and Star Wars wednesday) and I was thinking how cool it would have been if you guys were here to go with us.

    We miss you. Like Abe Vigoda misses his nostril hair clippers.

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