So I think I’m changing my major again: this time to sociology. I don’t think I’m cut out for social work.

On Friday, I was fired for the first time in my life. It is stressful, definately not what I needed the Friday before Finals Week. I go to see if I got a job today at a couple places. I really took my loss of the job as a personal blow to my self esteem. Totally sucked, but everyone has been really great about it.

I can’t wait for all of the students to be gone.

10 thoughts on “blooog

  1. 🙁 why were you fired?

    I called off today … and the other day … maybe we can be fired together. The happy future homeless club of america. New members bring your own box.

    • you certainly brightened my day. Well, along with the bois playing Rampage and the girls talking about a threesome and being ignored… the cake was good too. But you were certainly a highlight.

  2. no fair. getting fired blows. but you rock, so i’m not exactly sure how it all went down. either way. i love the crap out of you and miss you bunches. you need to come up here or arrange for a visit with meeeee! my b-day is in 23 days. and there will DEFINATELY be a drinking extravaganza/party at the bar for us all to get together and have good times. and you can meet my boy!!!! (with his awesomely awesome blue mohawk). I’ll let you know the details as soon as i figure it all out. love love love.

  3. Gah, the job situation is craptastic. I bet they’ll be missing you in a week or so. But yes, Friday was awesome – thanks for having us over and for foodies.

    Oh, and apparently I have free run of the dyelabs this summer, so if you and Corey want to come play in the chemicals while I’m dyeing dreads sometime, let me know…*plotting fingers*

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