August 1st

Today is my brother’s birthday.

This is him:

He is now as old as this bottle of wine:

And even though I didn’t bake it, I found this fantastic cake with him name on it online, and that sort of counts.

I miss him very much, and hope he is having a fantastic day.

5 thoughts on “August 1st

  1. Hooray Seamus! and he’s older than I thought. old or not … he has some sweet guns. Mmm … Holy crap. My math skills suck but he is nearly thirty and is closer to fifty than infancy.

    • I’m writing you a letter. I don’t have the money to send you a “care package” yet, but we’re getting there.

  2. He has always been as old as that bottle of wine. And I will never be quite as old as it is.

    Depends, by the way, on your definition of “nearly thirty”. I think mine is 29 1/2, not 27.

  3. Oh yes, when it happens, you too will have to come and witness my new place of residence, in thanks for having offered couch space if necessary. It is a fine apartment. Hee.

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