Man, I love my friends. Thanks, everybody.

Thanks for the week.
And the possibility of this weekend.

And just being great, and supportive, and awesome in general.

I all ready told you all about how awesome Libby (carpe_jugulum)is (see previous entry for today).
Corey (whiteplastik) has been totally awesome this week month year life.
I’ve enjoyed getting to know Brian (jarai) a little bit.
Talked to Madison (skankabelle) on the phone today, and I heart her totally.
Mike (shake_rocks) has amused me during breaks, any time I walk by his shop, and whenever I’m at The House.
Shannon (shannonwho) is going to get ice cream with me on Monday, and is just fantastic in general.
And to all the people I don’t really feel like linking to, but like me enough to come to dinner on Sunday.
You guys rock. Thanks for sticking around with us.

That’s it for the gushing, I promise.

11 thoughts on “lucky

  1. Willow – you really don’t know how much it means to me to hear (well, read) that. Thank you so much for saying such nice things. And for being such a sweet, loving, funny, thoughtful friend. I’m lucky that Libby introduced me to you and Corey.

  2. I miss my Willow <3

    Remember those silly nites, sitting on the wood panelled floor with… well…

    you, me, Corey, Anjle, and Josh making kandi? Oh the days!!

    Are you guys visiting VA anytime soon???


  3. Hello Willow. I’m not sure whether I will see you tomorrow (Saturday) for L’s photoshoot, but I wanted to send you some sort of correspondence just in case. What time would Petra be available to pick me up? I will work around her schedule.

    Oh wow, its been the week from hell (TM). Looking forward to seeing all of you at your house. Tetris attack? pwned.


    • You certainly do pwn my ass at the Attack.

      I figured Petra would call you… I’ll give her up a call today and ask her to do that.

      Dinner’s at 7ish, so I figure sometime around then.

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