oh… oh yes.

found on hokkaido_crying‘s journal. Thanks

Which brings me to a fun thought… I bought this while out with Libby.
Not only does it come with a spork and moist towelette and spork… it also comes with a suggested wine list.

I propose a tasting.

Let me know what you all think, if it’s feesible, etc.

24 thoughts on “oh… oh yes.

  1. I’m in–you know how much I love the Jesus wine. I’m also quite serious about getting someone mildly tanked, offering them brussels sprout soda, and then attempting to convince them they’re beyond blitzed.

    Can I wear the spork in my hair? it’s festive!

    • of course you may wear the spork in your hair!

      I’ve been looking all morning for the actual stuff on the net, and it’s either not out yet, or not on the internet. Poo. Guess it’ll just have to be a religious theme.

  2. Seriously, for the love of all things sacred, do not try the brussel sprout soda. The cranberry and pumpkin is okay. A co-worker brought in a pack ad dared me to drink them. My overdeveloped sense of curiosity got the best of me, and many heaves erupted from the bowels.

    At least I was richly rewarded (two free Fall albums)!

    • If you get you get the Ok to drive you could come down.. it’ll be around Thanksgiving… but I don’t want you to push it too much.
      I could save you some, if you’d like…

      • i have so much stuff going on around thanksgiving.. (of course) but i’ll try to squeeze yah in, depending on what the dr. says.. i may just buy yah a whole ‘nother package and we could have a candle light dinner for 2..

        • ooooh!

          ends up the party will be Dec. 2. I’ll post about it, tomorrow probably.

          You shouldn’t squeeze anything (except… well… you know), you should relax!

        • ooh.. squeezing… willow… *shakes head*… right work.. right.. dec. 2nd i might be able to make it, seeing as i can drive now!! yay! and.. I AM RELAXED.

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