“Cream Hater”

Starting the day off right:

…now if only that was how the day had ACTUALLY started.

At least everything AFTER getting out of the parking lot has been fantastic.

Libby, the new apartment, and oh yes, the conversation I had with the server at the Spoon.

“Sweet Nectar of life?”
“You know me too well.”
She brings the coffee and some cream.
She comes by to re-fill my cup and notices I haven’t used the cream.
“Cream hater.”

13 thoughts on ““Cream Hater”


    🙂 Yeaaah. That strip might have to get printed and made into a magnet for our fridge (that stinks of booze but is sadly empty).

    I’m glad I’m a Good Thing.

    • I’ll be in town the 16-20, but I’m not sure if I’ll be available for visiting since it’s family time.

      I’ll be in Kokomo this Saturday, probably, and may stop by Logan. I’ll call you if I do.

  2. Are you implying that if you had been laid by a mac user instead of being neglected by a WOW player, the day would have gone better. Well, why didn’t you tell me Willow? 🙂 Yes today is a good time for coziness and friends. I am currently sitting here with my Mac, watching movies and putting iTunes soundtracks on top of em. Stay warm and I see you and L tomorrow for moving madness.

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