Who are you people and what do you want?

Things are methodically crazy.
Falling into place, but I still feel over-whelmed.
I know I’m capable of doing my tasks, but I still feel incompetant.
If only emotion and logic were actually related.
Then I’d be set.
Dirty Whores.

I’m scared my brain is going away

There will be a club night, actually called Axis of Evil on January 31st. Yes, I know that’s a Tuesday. Suck it up.
Mark your calendars for now.

More details as they come.

Libby and I had a good time in Logansport. She tells about it here

Break, in general, was good.

I’m glad people are back.

And yes, please do respond to the initial question. I’d like to know. Honestly.

20 thoughts on “ah!

    • I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel like the Dark Lord of the 3rd Mountain on the Right, and sometimes I don’t.

      • ok.. we’ll most likely be there around 6ish.. we may check into the hotel and you can come swim with us.. or we can do something. the only time i’ve ever been to bloomington (that i remember) was when i came to see you in college, MANY moons ago.

        • I’ll e-mail you directions, unless the one on the card were good enough. You also have my cell number.

          Can’t wait to see you!

    • It’s easy. You just pick up one foot and then the other.

      Well, that’s what Gaiman says.

      DNA says you just fall, but forget to hit the ground.

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