I went on a Jesus kick back in November of last year (by which I mean finding funny Jesus stuff, not dedicating my life to the guy). It included an awesome shirt, Wine, and a neat video for New Testament Wine Cooler.

Today, Jason brought this gem of a webcomic to my attention:

It reminded me of fantastic Jesus things.

Please bring more to my attention.

12 thoughts on “Jebus!

  1. Whole Lotta Jesus going on

    Urban has Jesus pencil toppers and a Virgin Mary toast imprinter (like a cookie cutter, but you print her image into toast with it). Plus, an air freshner that says “Jesus Rocks” (and I think he’s throwing up the horns), and a Jesus Magic 8 ball. Oh! And a stuffed Jesus titled “Unemployed Philosophers Club.”

  2. Well, there’s always that delightful cruciform dildo I don’t really feel like looking up right now. You know the one I mean. I can’t remember whether the butt plug on the same site was the Virgin Mary or the Pope…

    I told the “Why does Jesus Christ get all the girls” joke the other day to my very Christian but infinitely fabulous and incredibly funny coworker Lindsey the other day at work. It went over very well, and she contributed a few of her own.

    Hey… Why can’t Hellen Keller drive?


    Because she lost her keys!!!!!

  3. Ya know, if he were more like the wise Buddah-like man of my imagination rather than the cheesy longue singing guy of your icon, I’m sure I could get into him more. God forbid some one take my image and distort it as poor JC.

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