Would you care for some cheese with that wine?

The Spoon has aquired the best wine ever.

Not the best tasting, although it’s not too shabby for $10 a bottle.

The reason it is the best is the following:

Yes, folks, that’s a mansion with lighting behind it, directly under the name DARK CELLARS in what is clearly a bad font even to my untrained eye.

It also includes a bad poem, too terrible to transcribe here, in continuing bad fonts and Halloween colors.

Just to prove how bad it was, we drank 3 bottles of it.

On a serious note (but still fun), Axis is this Saturday (the 1st). There are two awesome flyers, a shiny one and a ‘splody toilet one. We also have a website now, thanks to the talented Sara!

8 thoughts on “Would you care for some cheese with that wine?

  1. Do not forget to mention that it is LIQUID DEATH, and responsible for the only time in my life that I’m really not dead sure what I said or did whilst drunk. Scary.

    I don’t know, I thought it was pretty tasty…

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