David Bowie and Unicorns

david bowie is very much like a unicorn.


ps – i’m posting this via my phone

15 thoughts on “David Bowie and Unicorns

  1. hmmm.
    well. he is mythical and rarely appears, then is gone when you try to get a good look at him.

    and both are ‘Afriad of Americans’. As they should be.

  2. 1. This entire idea makes me dizzy and hyperventilate.
    2. Unicorns are too good to be true. David Bowie is too good to be true. Therefore unicorns=David Bowie.

  3. They’re both timeless.

    There is no crappy mundane version of David Bowie.

    They’ve both shown up in D&D sessions I’ve played in.

    David Bowie is capable of being a pirate, whereas unicorns are incapable.

    They both make me think of the 80s.

    Fuckin’ nobody feasts on the flesh of David Bowie.

    • We thought this while talking about “The Man Who Fell to Earth” and how there’s a bit where David Bowie is trying to not sing.

      “David Bowie trying to hit a false note is like a unicorn trying to tell a lie.”

      Come to find out, David Bowie should have gotten the role as the Lord of Darkness for Legend, but Tim Curry got it instead.

      • aw crap

        I really am brain-dead today (too many zombies around).

        That was Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island, not legend (and obviously not the lord of darkness).

        We should watch Muppet movies sometime soon.

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