boing boing brings me joy (not like that, you sicko)

And beauty:

Honestly, I cannot recommend this video enough. I nearly cried.

So awesome.

9 thoughts on “boing boing brings me joy (not like that, you sicko)

  1. wow.
    ok. i’m crossyoinking first of all (thanks for posting).
    and i am even going to to use it in class and pass it to other instructors.


  2. Watched video. Wish I’d had that when I was working on stuff in telecommunications classes. Interesting way of discussing the web and where it’s going using both a traditional format (video) and a newer way of presentation to wide audience (YouTube).

  3. that was a very fascinating video. I really wish I knew more about web 2.0 to make use of it. but as it stands, I’m really too lazy to tag everything.

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