OMG I hurt so badly.

But.. my parents came out. That was fun. As Libby put it: “They sure can cut a rug.”

I think things basically would have been impossible without the headsets. Thanks to Daniel for making that happen (I’ll miss you!).

.. I’ve really just sat her for several minutes thinking of all the people that I would like to thank for this event. And it was still Axis for me – at 12a the headset was ripped off and I danced so hard my feet are blistered and I’m wobbling.

And now… back to homework.

5 thoughts on “ouch

  1. your parents were cool.
    check with libby how her massage goes. i recommend her.

    eadsets return’d and all if well!
    and i’ll miss you too bloo. email me your return flight info again so i know when to come up?

    FYI, be home tonight in a packing frenzy!

    • What time is her massage? I think she may still be in bed. (She totally deserves it).

      I will come drop off a book for you tonight then.

      Thank you again!

  2. you guys looked so bad ass with the headsets. Great job with everything, it was awesome. I’m glad chino could come and humble me in front of everyone :p
    I’m also glad I met a couple new people before I left (apparently the trick is to stick it till the end)

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