I remember when I thought I had to choose between being happy and shallow or depressed and deep.

How silly I was.

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    • Well, I’m awfully good at taking a step back to see how I should react to things. So for me, yes, it was a mindset that I was choosing.

  1. I decided over four years ago that depth of character is an illusion, so I haven’t really given that particular choice any thought. I now wonder for the first time what other people think of me.

  2. I am not sure if it was silly to think that because society tends to make you think that way from the time you’re old enough to make rational decisions on your own you’re bombarded with things that tell you how you should feel and think about yourself. It is fortunate to finally wake and realize what it is that makes you,you and not what society would like you to be but If I had to choose from your statement above I think it would have to be happy and deep for me.

  3. Yeh. I remember such choices like that as well. Unfortunately, it too me a long-ass time to realize what I was doing.

    However, in the long run, I surfaced long enough to think “what the hell am I doing?!”

    /true story

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