Puff the Magic Dragon

Now that most of the damage is passed, I will share with you my face.

Last Friday morning, I had my wisdom teeth taken out. All four. In one go. Because I am xxHardCorexx. I then basically slept until Sunday. notmikey visited me to watch Immortel, carpejugulum made me blue jell-o, and cristobat called me names and made me laugh.

This is what I looked like Friday evening:

And what I look like today:

I’m amazed at how much stretch my face has in it. I also giggle at the drugged look in my eye in the first image. Note the bloodied nose in the first one, and the emerging bruise in the second.

In other news, I’m headed out to Seattle tomorrow. There, I will see my brother again. Probably check out the local clubs, walk Capital Hill, and do some homework in the parks. violet_rain is taking me under her wing Saturday night, and Sunday night nathan_fhtagn and I are going to see Gene Loves Jezebel.

I also hope to visit the bunny field.

While this is not me in the picture, I’ve had a similar experience.