red versus blue

We are making our own DWL Special Forces Unit.

“You just put on Marilyn Manson. Should I be scared?” “Yes.”

Red looks like a Communist in her hat (haha, she’s a Red!).

It’s been mentioned that I look like Hitler having a fat day (comments of this entry).

It’s situational comedy! Not only is it Red versus Blue, now it’s the Communists versus the Nazis!

5 thoughts on “red versus blue

    • oh canada my canada

      Wow, that totally sums up the tone of the DWL from last night.

      We had gefilte fish for dinner, just ’cause.
      And then I found the hat, and started yelling things like, “Willow, I need a loaf of bread and a gun!”

  1. I’ve always been told it was red versus black. But what with the mustahe, I guess that does kinda make Willow black… at least her heart.


  2. you look like such a badass with that razor.
    And that looks remarkably like the green hat I left over at your house!
    (Did you find a green hat in your house?)

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