New Time

With all my new time (done with the thesis, one final today and I’m done) I’ve been thinking about what to do…

How do people feel about a Transhumanist discussion group? Once a month or every other month or so. I need actual responses of interest, not “gee, that sounds fun, I’ll say yes but then never actually show up”

30 thoughts on “New Time

  1. If there’s bourbon involved might be a good person to have along. I’m interested in the idea, but I knowing how my schedule tends to be, I’d likely be a rather sporadic attendee.

    • Thank you for directing me his way. I’ve posted to his LJ to ping for interest.

      It would be nice to have you there… any particular days that would work best for you?

      • On weekdays most evenings after 6-7pm are ok. I’d say skew the timing to favor the schedules of others before mine though.

  2. I’m interested, on the basis that I love talking neo-philosophy. Hrm, a bit of a drive down to Bloomington. Still, c’est possible.

    One doesn’t have to identify as Transhumanist, I assume…

    • Nope, just have interest and ideas to offer. I assume it’ll end up being discussion on a myriad of topics, but with a Transhumanist perspective. Outside thoughts always help.

      What days work best for you?

    • That would be awesome. And you know how I love the SteamPunk perspective to call into question the CyberPunk perspective.

  3. gee, that sounds fun, I’ll say yes but then never actually show up.


    congrats on the thesis business. i just got back from having mine printed/bound. i feel amazing! however, iiiii have 5 days of finals left.

    id def be interested in coming to one of your groups. i wouldnt have much to say, but my presence, in your presence will be enough.

    • Have fun with those finals!

      It would be good to hang out outside of class, methinks.

      When works for you for chillin’ and/or to attend a group gathering?

    • That would be awesome. And maybe I’ll continue once on the West Coast. Then it’s just an 8 hour drive instead of a 25 hour drive (estimations only).

  4. Yay! Done is good.

    I am not sure what a Transhumanist is? So in turn I am not sure if I should say yea or nay to coming to a discussion on the subject.

  5. i love the idea of learning about transhumanism. i’m not sure how much i can add, but i specialize in theoretical analysis. i quite enjoyed the art criticism group i was in a few years ago. does this level of interest and perspicacity quality me?

  6. I’d love to take part in such a group. Mr. Stone’s presentation about it was very exciting and interesting (cyborg tentacles!). Though I’m wholly opposed to all technology. Is that a problem? 😀


      • Pretty much any, actually, far as I know. I’ll be gone from the 9th to the 22nd next month, but during the usual week, I’m pretty most evenings. Schedule’s still flexible.

        Yay! I look forward to antagonizing and being beaten up by you technocrats with your Terminator-y arms of squishing.

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