Conversations with Caleb…

More for my own amusement, but it’s awesome anyway..

11:22 AM Caleb: Sorry to interrupt
me: is ok
11:23 AM what’s up?
Caleb: but … if you’re there … check this out:
hey 🙂
11:24 AM me: hey
what about it?
Caleb: look at the face
me: it’s sort of you
Caleb: it is
me: that’s kind of fucked
Caleb: yeah
now i’m like all spanish an’ shit
11:25 AM me: and old as sin
Caleb: geee, thanks will
me: haha
i mean if you’re the guy in the pic
Caleb: Don Dorian grey
11:26 AM me: and just as sexy
Caleb: you know this!
me: deep in my bones, yes
Caleb: i love it … “older ‘n dirt, and twice as sexy”
11:27 AM me: dirt can be sexy
when you’ve been outside working, and you’re all grimy and ripped and stuff
whoa boy
11:28 AM i prefer working on computers, but you know, whatever
11:30 AM Caleb: lol
11:31 AM um …. “older than a vacuum tube, and 22/7ths as sexy”?
11:32 AM me: ok, that’s hot.
11:33 AM that makes status message
Caleb: RO-fucking-L
11:34 AM 🙂
you slay me
me: along with “are you a differentiable function?”
Caleb: but only in a non-corpreal, MMORPG kinda way.
me: “’cause i’d like to be tangent to your curves”
with the mad calculus lovin’
me: or, when really drunk, “are you a differentiable function? ’cause i’d like to bone ya”
11:35 AM Caleb: I thought it was “Are you an archaeo-anthropologist? Cos i’d like to show you a bone …”
11:36 AM mmm
i’m gonna be thinking of crazy suave geek come-ons all day now
thanks will, porductivity = 0
er, pROductivity
11:37 AM me: hee
the new electronics!
Caleb: the conductivity of a slap-base line?
11:38 AM brb
me: LOL

Thanks to Matt, as always, for the fabulous calculus pick-up line.

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