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  1. Man, am I a bad influence or WHAT!? 🙂
    (actually, I show you these things so I can live vicariously. I’ll never fit into something like that. *wails*)

      • I never said I wasn’t! I simply mean that no European cyber clothing seems to be cut large enough. It’s really a bummer. Thus, you have to be my mannequin. Deal? 🙂

        • Carpe-jugulum you are gorgeous (from your pics since I never had the chance to meet you) but I agree with you on the cyber clothes sizes. It’s very hard to find a decent pair of cyber trousers if you are a lady with hips. And what about the one size Cyberdog tops that are if anything but pretty small. =/

          Enough ranting now, we can still dress fabulous. =D

        • Hell, I’d agree just on European sizing across the board. When I was there last, I felt like everything I saw was designed to fit my thigh and thigh alone.

  2. Curious

    While that’s definitely not a traditional qipao pattern I have seen modified qipao patterns made into prom dresses that didn’t look too far off from that design. It shouldn’t be that difficult to find a qipao or cheongsam pattern which you could alter into something like that yourself.

    Those “circuit” patterns are glaringly Gigeresque. I bet Libby could find something like that online in short order.

    • While I technically can afford this, it means $200 I’ll later have to make up for while in Law School, and no one wants that.

  3. what’s your size?


    I owe you an email re: Axis in July, I know. I’m terrible but expect it tomorrow or this weekend.

    • The thing about girl sizes is they’re never the same any two places. European 12 or so (or so Red tells me), Size 7 or so for most “gothy” clothing, and medium in most things sized for girls. I can wear a large if it’s fitted for Japanese style (such as at places like Forever 21).

      You see now why I make some of my own clothes.

      As to e-mail, I look forward to it! I know you’re busy.

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