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  1. funny story

    Ok, so after reading that I must share what happened to me this morning:
    After our church services, our pastor (relaxed, goofy, liberal woman)stands at the door and greets everyone as they go out, trying to personalize it so that everyone feels a real connection with her. This is seriously what she said to me today : “Are you ok? You look hung over.” I about died laughing! Kind of because it was totally inappropriate, but mostly because I don’t drink! I told her that, and my death-look was due to PMS, and she said “Ah yes, nature’s hangover. Well then, eat lots of chocolate.”

  2. WHY?! WHY?!

    I was already hungry. And then I come across this! Ugh!

    Mmm… at least I’m right across from the dining hall. They have great breakfast(s).

  3. Totally off topic

    Thanks for the overwhelming response, guys. I’m really glad and pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of people share my same concerns and desire to improve nightlife for us here in Indy.

    That being said, it’s that bittersweet hour when I have to nail down a date. By popular demand, the people have chosen Sunday the 23rd. That is this coming Sunday. A fair amount of people asked for Saturday as well, and I apologize to those who expressed interest and now cannot go. I urge anyone who can, if at all possible, to make some arrangements in their schedule. If nothing can be done, please message me or a friend who is able to attend with your concerns. I will be sure to voice them at the meeting.

    For those of you who can possibly make Sunday but have a limited time frame, please message me with what that time frame is. I would love to have everyone who can possibly make it out, and I will try my hardest to accomodate you.

    So again, G/I Summit is now on Sunday September 23rd as soon as I find a venue that is open in the afternoon on a Sunday, I will make sure everyone is updated.

    And as usual, please help me get the word out by sharing this info with those who this might not reach this time around. Thanks.


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