The Adventures of Willow

So what’s been going on in my life? Whoa boy.

I went to Montana, which was an adventure. Seamus proposed to Anita, she said yes (!!!), I herded cattle on a 4×4 (wtf?), I witnessed the creepiest fountain ever.

But first I had a layover.

So the one hour layover in Minneapolis between Indy and Kalispell turned into a 36 hour one instead. Which meant that rather than be hiking in the Rockies with some of my favorite people in the world, I was wandering the Mall of America, occupying myself.

There were ads for churches.

(read the text carefully, and giggle with me)

There were giant Lego dinosaurs.

There were small Lego shirts.

Like this one. So cool that I did, in fact, try it on. It says “6+” as the size. I figured it might work. Sure, I got it on, and it did (sort of) fit. Getting back out of it was awkward and embarrassing. You try getting yourself out of a skin-tight shirt that doesn’t really stretch in the middle of The Mall of America with people going by looking at you. At least the employee helping me (looked like an engineer who decided to go into Blocks instead – handlebar mustache and all) got a laugh out of it.

There is also an aquarium in the bottom of the MoA: h00ge, scary fish. Just look at this one.

But I kept going back, despite the fish, mostly for this gem (it’s at the end of the very short clip):

After I returned, Red and I gave Matt a frog.

I love this picture.

Then we went to Masque and Veil.

We drove there, a 11.5 hour drive. Questionable road stops were made:

But at least the stop was worthwhile

Now I like driving, but only to a point. The 10-hour mark is when I’m done, and Libby and I made up an appropriate song.

Fayetteville has questionable lawyers:

please tell me he doesn’t do car wrecks or sexual harassment.

I had such a good time with Libby. We’ve talked about taking a vacation for a long time, and this is the first actual (lol) one we’ve gotten. Made a lot of friends, got to eat grits, fried chicken, drink sweet tea, and gnaw on Nathan’s violin

Danced a lot, laughed a lot, and helped fix shit with the power what is r3d and bl00. I had a blast and want to go back. Seeing Ego Likeness, Abney Park, and The Last Dance was a blast.

Then of course we drove back with Nathan, returning just in time for our own event. It was amazing, even though I had to write a thousand words on Marx at the club (I never want to hear “I have homework due” again, bitches : ) ) The Ghosts Project rocked my fucking socks off, seeing Nathan in Rock Star mode blew me away, and DST was amazing. I am so honored to be a part of Axis. Thank you all for making it possible.

13 thoughts on “The Adventures of Willow

    • It’s supposed to be a water-fountain sculpture with a little girl drinking out of the fountain thing. I agree wholeheartedly though… alien fornication or some such

  1. willow + nathan’s violin = NOM NOM NOM

    it was wonderful meeting your loveliness…

    i totally forgot to have someone take a picture of us getting our snuggle on…

  2. “And I met Dj Infam0us who rocks the phreaking house. Some day I will post about the coolness that iz Dj infam0us but for now I will spare you the melt down of my blog, your computer, and the netverse for they can not contain or sustain that level of coolness.”


    Thanks Willow. U r t3h awsumnez


  3. aw man…

    had i known you would be in mpls, i would have given you the grand tour of the msp den of iniquity, otherwise known as the airport. i guess the “senator craig bathroom” is quite the layover tourist destination.

  4. If you had to be stranded, the Mall of America is the place to be, really. I could go on the Paul Bunyan’s Runaway Log Ride for hours, squeeing each and every time I see the itsy robotic skunk. Not to mention miniature golf. And the Irish theme shop… I needz roadtrip, methinks.

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