small reminders

Thank god for small reminders.

I sleep best in white spaces with the sound of trip-hop (or post-rock), rain, and traffic.

Tomorrow is the job hunt. (did you know they have a listing for just lawyers who do science and technology in Seattle?)

Also concerts, games, lots of food and wine. People I love, people I will love, and the possibility of controlling my own life.
See, I’ve always relied on other people to direct my energy. I have so much of it. And I’ve never been good at controlling myself, deciding what to do, if I don’t have others around to be my conscious. This time is done. My passion with focus is renewed (or simply sparked?).

4 thoughts on “small reminders

    • Law secretary or assistant; club promotions or management. I’ll serve tables if need be, but we’ll see if I can make enough money without doing that.

      Very kind of you.

      How’s your time been?

  1. if there’s anything you can learn from chris, it’s how to be libra, how to be a balanced scale.

    sometimes it is balance, but sometimes it si balance of extremes. extreme moderation? is not everything an extreme on some dichotomy, with an opposite?

    well, i’m not the person to talk to abotu it, i’m only a libra rising. which means i seem like a libra from the outside but i’m really an aquarius on the inside.

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