And the winner of most aggravating experience over break goes to (drum-roll please) :

Teaching my mom what PayPal is. I have drawn more diagrams than I know what to do with, and she’s STILL convinced the evil hackers will have access to her bank account number.

Any suggestions?

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  1. looove paypal. haha.
    do not like when orders
    are automatically canceled,
    due to something not being verified.

    my mom has had an account
    since iiii was 16. you know,
    ive had an account in her name.
    she doesnt even know what it is. ha.


  2. Well, regardless of how secure the encryption and authentication technology might be. Real evil hackers know they’re only one effective e-mail phishing message or keylogger trojan away from getting a user’s PayPal login information if said user isn’t particularly computer savvy.

  3. It’s hard to reassure parents and say, “Evil hackers will access your bank numbers one way or another if they want them badly enough. Paypal will not help make that easier or harder. Just use it.”

    Have you tried having her read through the Safety pages and such? I can say that I have received faux and real Paypal emails alike, and the good thing about them is, they are very, very good about helping their consumers prevent fraud and hacking. They will not treat you like an idiot if you call or forward them an email, verifying if they’ve sent it. They simply thank you for forwarding a bot email or say, “We did send that to you, thank you!” Maybe those things would help her?

    I’d say the likelihood of losing money in a seller/consumer dispute is more likely than your account getting hacked.

  4. While there is a slim chance a hacker will defeat all safety measures and steal your bank account info anyway…

    You’re more likely to get mugged. Or hit by a car.

    Tell your mom if she wants to give in to highly unlikely fears, she needs to start carrying shark repellent everywhere she goes.

    Like Batman does

  5. Oh good lord. This is the SAME thing MY mom thinks. GEEEEZ!!
    Does Paypal let you put it in your credit card now? I don’t know because mines based on my bank account. But she could put it on her credit card & then IF there is crazy activity (which there WON’T BE) she will be covered by her credit card protection & not have to pay fraudulent charges…
    Will that work for her?
    My parents are TOTALLY the same. Actually mine are probably worse, because they believe the government is reading all your emails. Really…like they are THAT organized!!?? I don’t think so! They don’t have time for that! Sheesh!

    • the government IS reading ALL our emails/electronic communications, listening to all our phone conversations, tracking us with RFID chips and GPS locators on our cars and all those nice face scanning, lip/license plate reading cameras they are putting up everywhere – they publicly announced all of this on mainstream news! BUT they are using software at the NSA data review centers, not actual people reading them all – just bots looking for key words and phrases…so communicate in metaphors everyone and soon we will have an oral tradition as rich as africa’s! And don’t let them scare you into censoring yourself, which is, of course, their main goal!

  6. If she’s not willing to take that risk, so be it. Means she might lose some sales, or a lot of sales, but if it makes her feel uncomfortable using it, I don’t blame her. It’s a matter of what is actually convenient for her.

    On the other hand, I’ve had my Paypal account for 5 years, 20 days, and I’ve never dealt with teh evl haxorz, per se. Paypal even helped me settle a transaction wherein the seller refused services after receiving payment. Feel free to forward said info to your mom.

  7. PayPal Effectiveness

    I’m not sure if this will assist. I did a money transfer on Monday using PayPal. Wednesday I received a suspicious email about my PayPal account, so I forwarded it to PayPal. Within a few hours I received a response back from them confirming that it was an erroneous email attempting to get me to provide my account information.

    It’s almost like something my mother used to say. “Locks are there only to keep the honest people honest.”

  8. My mom was like that for a LONG time, until she realized that she needed to just move on, and into the world of technology xD

    Good luck with getting her to understand that the evil hax0rz aren’t out to consume her soul 😉


    Miss you Willow.
    Hope you have a fun, happy, and SAFE New Year 😀



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