kittens and the Flash

Lots of fun conversations, I promise they’re worth reading, and add some context to the question. Plus it’s fun to see different sections of the Internet interact.

First, I’ve been spending a lot of time at Warren’s new boards.

Gasers do not a blazer explain.
Luke started a thread about Antimatter Gamma Ray Laser things.
Part of the exchange went like this:
Luke, in explaination to something else: “The first microwave based coherent emitter was a maser, then with visible light it’s a laser. X-ray sources have been called Xasers (the name hasn’t really caught on, despite being awesome). What’s wrong with gaser?”
C.c. : “That makes me feel cheated when I wear my blazer. Yes, I’m warmer but SHOULDN’T SOMETHING ELSE BE HAPPENING?”

click here for the whole thread.

I, of course, promptly change my status message (didn’t it used to be an away message at one point?) to “Yes, I’m warmer but SHOULDN’T SOMETHING ELSE BE HAPPENING?”

which led to this conversation with Matt..
Matt: “Perhaps install a Blu-ray drive in it?
Or, if we’re really going to get technical, perhaps work some Bio-Luminescent bits in, somehow?”
me: oooh!
but only if they have the potential to either maim or cuddle someoen
Matt: it’ll be like the hypercolor shirts from the 80s, only more awesome
well, sure
if you’re going to have clothing that’s at least technically alive, it ought to be able to respond to stimuli appropriately
me: biokittens, attack!
Matt: mew

this all happened while talking about coffee in another gchat box, which went like this..

me: there is coffee!
therefore, i exist
Luke: Conclusive
and the corollary is true – for without coffee, none of us would exist
me: a cyclical relationship!
does this make me coffee, and coffee me?
Luke: unlikely, since you’ve been sitting still long enough to type that
a true coffee synthesis consciousness would be unable to do so
me: what if i’m moving so fast i appear to be sitting still?
Luke: a false pretense!
That’s the one thing you can’t do moving that fast – you would be invisible or see through, but not still
me: but if i revisit the same place over and over again (i.e., my keyboard), couldn’t i still type?
Luke: you could still type
me: i mean, otherwise The Flash could never actually do anything
Luke: But the entire area would be a haze of Willo Bloo
not that that’s a bad thing or good thing necessarily
me: oh! and in later comics i could go across dimensions too!
so is the thesis now “The Flash is coffee manifest”?
Luke: well, the thesis is usually “The Flash is a tosser”
me: hah!
Luke: Seriously, if you’re the fastest thing alive, and you even have enemies, that means you’re doing it wrong
me: his nickname should be “..hey..”
because that’s all people know about him
Luke: Not even. If you piss off somone who can move faster than light, you shouldn’t ever even know
You’re walking along and then suddenly you don’t exist
Of course, that’s a boring comic

Caleb also tends to think that The Flash is “more of a crystal jockey.”

…which in all, leads to two questions (maybe more) : is link-dropping the new name-dropping (they’re important and savvy enough to have their own website/place of linkage)? and does anyone actually like The Flash?

Luke writes more funny stuff here.