I love you, Seattle


What they fail to tell you is that while it does rain for part of nearly every day, the rest of the time is only slightly overcast, and sometimes even sunny.

Phone interview went well. Face-to-face interview in the upcoming week, and another possibility started up Monday.

The people here are awesome. Went to an art show opening last night, corp goth and well-dyed hair as far as the eye could see. Warms my little heart.

5 thoughts on “I love you, Seattle

  1. Hi

    Welcome to nowhere city. I sort of love your icon for the recent post to the seattle community, so I added you. Just reading through your journal, i found out you’re a recent transplant, so I thought maybe I could give you some pointers.

    1.) The best Cheap Hair Cut is Rudy’s Barber Shop on Cap Hill and Belltown. And there used to be one in the u district but I can’t remember if it’s there anymore.

    2.) IF you aren’t a vegetarian, there’s good food to be had on capital hill after the bars close at Dicks Drive In. But if you get fries be sure to order extra ketchup.

    3.) If you are a vegetarian, or if you just like to eat that way sometimes, two of your best bets are Araya’s Vegan Thai in the U district and Bamboo Garden Vegan chinese in south queen anne

    4.) Google the “Seattle Freeze.” Go ahead, I’ll wait. Ok, so it’s kind of a myth and kind of not. Basically my opinion is that seattlites take longer to get comfortable around new comers so if you meet people you like and seem friendly, and you want to become close friends with them, be patient. We can get spooked pretty easily and are sometimes oblivious to the fact that our natural cautiousness around new people can be perceived as standoffishness by people who aren’t used to it.

    5.) If you’re in to Rocky Horror, the longest running show is in West Seattle.

    6.) if you’re as goth as you look, you may want to know about the upcoming “NorWesCon” SciFi/Fantasy/All Things Bondage-Gawth that will be taking place in SeaTac in a couple of months.

    7.) the comics shop you may be unaware you’re looking for is at the Pike Place Market. It’s called Golden Age collectibles and it’s on the lower level.

    8.) The Best Movie Theater in Town to see a big blockbuster is Cinerama in Belltown. The best Movie Theater in Town to catch an arty indie flick is either The Neptune in the U District or the Varsity right around the corner. Actually, the Neptune is just Awesome, so you should check into going there just for kicks.

    9.) Don’t take the stranger TOOOO seriously, although it’s much better than the Seattle Weekly.

    10.) Stay away from the Merc. it’s full of shitty people with shitty attitudes.

    11.) Nobody calls Seattle “Nowhere City” but me, but I’m trying to get it to catch on. So please feel free to coopt it.

    • Re: Hi

      Hello, and thank you!

      1-3 Thank you for the heads up.
      4. I’m amazing at making new friends, and already had a small social group before I moved here. Let’s see if I can continue the trend. So far it’s better than my stint in VA.
      5-7 Gleeeeeeee (especially to 6 and 7)
      8&9 Good to know
      10 I go there to dance, on industrial nights, but have only gone with people that I knew from outside the club.
      11 Why Nowhere City?

      • Re: Hi

        Nowhere City because there’s nowhere in the city where you can honestly say “I’m in seattle” without having to clarify what part of Seattle you’re in. So in a sense, whereever you are when you’re “in seattle” you’re nowhere. plus i think it sounds cool.

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