some days… have to remember that our brains are still basically suited for flinging poo at each other out of trees. And just because you have all the pieces in front of you doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily fit the outcome.

DNA was a genius.
edit : no, this is not on my leg. please see the comments if you haven’t read the entire H2G2 series and so don’t get the reference

We’re all just winging it, all the time, no matter how well-laid you think your plans are (though they certainly do help). Try to be the kind of person who’s ok with that.

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      • I dunno, it could be. Maybe you’ve been jogging a lot recently and taking growth hormones. 😉

        I’ve been looking at tattoo’s myself. 😀

      • Is the tattoo a mistake, or a way to make people do a double-take? All, messing with your perceptions so the person can be smug and roll their eyes when you tell them they’ve gotten it wrong. It makes my eyes water because I want to get a Sharpie and scribble out the incorrect number.

        Mind you, I knew a guy who got a tattoo fresh out of high school where his fiancee’s name was misspelled to “Heathar” instead of the oh-so-exotic “Heather”. I think everyone involved was drunk. They named their first daughter Miranda after he was once read his Miranda rights.

        I am not making this up.

        • That’s amazing, and hurts.

          No, this tattoo is in reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Most people know the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything is said to be 42. Fewer people continued reading the series, however, where we discover that the ultimate question is actually “what is 6 times 9?”, which explains why everything is so messed up/never makes sense.

          Which ties it into my post about how even if you think you have all the pieces in front of you, sometimes the outcome is completely different.

 geek is totally showing right now

  1. Very true words to that Willow. However though we may have a bio-mental basis to fling poo, we also have much more that allows us to play with all the pieces in front of us to come up with multiple outcomes, if not change and control (to a degree) what those outcomes are. However do keep in mind that we still are hardwired for poo flinging and while we are in control, truthfully we are also not. Then again, the tride and true technique of poo flinging has produced some interesting results. More often than not unexpected and life changing.

    I personally think we teeter on the delicate balance of “winging it”, and actually doing it. Sometimes it cannot be denied that we actually do something and our plans do come into effect. However yes, you are right, for the most part we to one degree or another “wing it”. If you can accept this factor it does make life easier, and it also pushes you better in the direction of having something happen in your favor better than if you think you are always in total control.

    • You’re a frood who really knows where his towel is.

      Glad to see you back online, Max. Sorry I was so distracted at Axis, there were a LOT of people I had to interact with. Hugs!

  2. this made my heart really really warm.

    douglas adams is one of my [many] in-bed, all-night, lights-on, one-after-another lovers. and i think he knows it too.

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