angst: 0 ; logic: 1

Once again logic was ruled in favor over angst.

So last night Chez Gaudy, which is in general a pretty cool restaurant, called me to say “nevermind.” Again. A story for you:
While looking on Craig’s List for a second job, preferably in serving, I came across a great post for a restaurant I was already smitten with. It’s also only open evenings, so no battling over workable hours, and a whole block and a half from where I currently live. Went in for an interview, hit it off with the manager and the bartender. Went in for a trail shift and rocked it. Waited for a call back. Waited some more. Finally called them a week and a half after the trial run, to be dismayed by the “we’re going to look in another direction” response. Ok, that’s fine. Life goes on.
About a week later, I get a call from the manager. Expresses that it was concern over my hair, but if I’m willing to wear the wig, they would love to have me on board. Can I please come in to train days x and y? Sure! Of course! I rock my two training shifts so hard they say most people get 5 training shifts, but I’m on my own towards the end of my second one. We set up a regular schedule, fill out a time card, do an initiation shot, and I’m invited to the manager’s baby shower. I make arrangements with my first job to make it to work on time at the restaurant, cancel volunteer gigs, kindly bow out of regularly programmed social nights, shave my head to start growing out a “natural” head of hair, and pass up two serving job offers.
Then last night the manager calls me. I figure it’s to come in to cover someone’s shift. Instead it’s, “yeah, we don’t think you quite fit the attitude of the restaurant. We’re going to look in other directions.”
I’m sorry, what?! That’s likely the shittiest thing anyone’s pulled on me in a long time. So I was pretty angsty last night and this morning.

Then I re-worked my budget and realized I can get by just fine on one job, actually quite comfortably. Admittedly I won’t be able to save enough to live off of and pay for law school in a year, but I will also be able to have social time, time for volunteering, time to study for LSATs, etc. And I think my sanity is worth some student loans. And having my hawk back.