in the arms of passion

I spent this weekend in the arms of passion. I’m not talking about bedroom adventures, I’m talking about the Art-A-Thon. Little Red Studio held a 24-hour event where space was given to practice, create, eat, drink, dance, talk, whatever. A room full of people who are passionate about what they do and what they create. No pretension. Unabashed geekery.

And it got me to thinking (along with a conversation I had with Bergen) about filters. With the astounding exception of this past weekend and an incredibly small percentage of even my closest friends, I am constantly filtering myself. Keeping the squee within. The dark humor as only a small inward smile. The sexuality subdued. The pointless (?) stories to a minimum. The comicbook geek, the computer nerd, the sociologist to a passing comment, an inside joke. Sure, there are people that I can express one or even two of these aspects in full, but not the full-on package.

This weekend those around me saw my desire to give of myself – to tell stories and hear stories, to help with their art even though I am still too shy to make my own (long story there), to give massage after massage, to pick up whatever task was forgotten – as my art. No one thought it was cutsie or creepy when I would follow a comment about how awesome balloons are with a dead baby joke.

I have never felt so welcomed, so loved, so accepted as I do there. I cried from happiness at the closing ceremony. Thank you.

16 thoughts on “in the arms of passion

  1. random question

    …Bergen? She didn’t used to live in Muncie, by any chance?

    I only ask because I don’t know very many Bergens in the world. 😉

    • Re: random question

      she did, actually, and thinks she might remember you. Any cues I might use to pick her memory?

      • Re: random question

        Bergen!!! Augh! I love(d) her to pieces! 🙂

        Tell her I used to hang with Nate and Travis, and lived downtown with my girlfriend Christina when she (Christina) was working at the MT Cup downtown.

        • this Saturday there’s a show. I haven’t been around long enough to sponser anyone in, but tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets, and I’d be happy to show you around and such!

        • This Saturday is bad news for me! I’ve got geek-fest (aka Emerald City Comicon) and my friends’ bday party that night. Maybe next time though 🙂

        • REALLY!! Which day are you going??
          I’m going Saturday, since Jamie Bamber will be there! WOO HOO! BSG! BSG!

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