Life is full of Win

In the continuing awesome saga of my life, Rexlor arrives from SF today to visit for the weekend. Chris also arrived today. And Libby is here. And hopefully Preston and Matt will come visit soon. I get paid to walk around an office succumbing to my OCD tendencies. I’ve drastically cut down in my drinking. I’m making awesome new friends. I’m getting better at Rock Band (And be a juke box hero, got stars in his eyes).

Twitter basically gets all of my updates. Maybe I’ll do the cross-post thing. But go check it out if you want to see my ADD in effect today.


  • Rex arrives
  • Dinner and pool games in Bellevue
  • midnight showing of Hellboy II


  • Half day at work
  • hair cut and dye!
  • Roq La Rue gallery show
  • time with Anita


  • Studying with Seamus
  • Gasworks Parkour Jam
  • Gym Jam (I love saying this. Say it with me. Gym Jam Gym Jam Gym Jam)
  • White Show


  • sleeping?
  • cleaning
  • picnic
  • vespers

I hear there will also be eating, and laughing, and playing with toys, and spooning, and good friends.

And now, the random!

A picture for you:

A random fact for you:
Of the conjunction, the shortened work is called a clitic, and the process is called cliticization.

A question for you:
What is one derogatory word for you that is true and you’ve come to terms with? I think mine is calculating.

And a Squee for you:
I really, really like the people I’ve been spending time with lately. Romantically and otherwise. I am so blessed (not in the religious sense. As a dear friend once said “not God, because fuck him, but the Universe and all the amazing things she does”)

There is also coffee. Clearly.