Unicorns! (and bunny hate glitter)

Matt is awesome. He shared this comic with me:

and as it came just as I was taking my first sips of sweet, sweet caffeine, my day is much brighter.

I was up way late last night watching Death Race with friends. And while I’m always up for a bit of eye candy, more eye candy, excessive explosions, and fast cars, I somehow didn’t realize how… violent it was going to be. As Christian so aptly put it when I pointed this out, “It’s called Death Race.”

But like the time I watched Battle Royal (where you basically see a group of school kids kill each other off.. it’s social commentary on a very graphic level) or Kids (which is so true to life it hurts my soul), I wonder why people seek these movies out. Admittedly I stifled a cackle during Death Race at a few points. It’s funny and depressing that we take such joy in violence. I think it’s a good reminder to me that people are not as good and intelligent and altruistic as I hope they are.
On really bad days, when I was back in Bloomington, I would take walks with Gregory and I would vent about how people had not lived up to my expectations that day. I would say “I just don’t get it.” And he would laugh. And laugh and laugh. And he would tell me that people are predictable and easy to understand… you just have to accept that the majority of them are dumb, and selfish, and sometimes mean.

So thanks to you all for making up for all the Dumb in the world.