ice and light

There’s a place called the Ice Hotel and it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Maybe someday I can stay there.

They have artists manipulate snow, ice, light, and some other materials to create living and dining space. This is one of my favorites:

You sleep on furs and drink expensive vodka, surrounded by blues and whites. You can hike by the Thorne River and watch the Northern Lights.

I’ve been helping set up Anachrotechnofetishism, spending time with visiting friends, playing in the park, running more Parkour, prepping for the LSATs, and drinking lots of tea. The Transhumanist discussions continue to go well, and I study with Seamus on Saturday mornings. I could get used to this life.

15 thoughts on “ice and light

  1. My coworker stayed there! (I think it’s the same one–there is only one right?) She said you sleep with reindeer skins on. she only stayed one night, she said it was TOTALLY too cold to stay longer! hee hee.

  2. The one in Canada not only has a bar/cafe that serves shots in ice shot glasses, but they also have a chapel where they perform weddings. The toasting flutes are made of ice, as well. The part that baffles me is that they have fireplaces in a few of the rooms.

  3. Think how dynamic such a living space could be.

    “I need some extra shelves here” – blowtorch.

    “I’d like a room divider” – couple of planks and some buckets of water.

    Then jump through the divider feeling BAD-ASS.

  4. I’ve actually stayed in an ice hotel like that in Fairbanks, AK. It was AMAZING! And the Northern Lights were extremely bright while I was there. If you ever get the chance, stay in one!

    Just as a side note…Mel and I really miss you! Will you be at the art show?

      • We’ll be there but a bit late. We’ll be attending the wedding of an old friend first. The wedding is only like 6 blocks away.

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