this morning is brought to you by SCIENCE

A gentlemen on the elevator this morning and I discussed how cool science is in relation to weight in movement. Thus this morning was made of win.

Why hello, Self, where the hell have you been? Hiding under the bed? I missed you! Hello! Have some tea. Actually, have some booze tea. Was it the joke about Baha’i being the religion of lolcat that got you to return? Was it the time with Red? Was it the taking on the World? Oh, just really neat dust bunnies under the bed. Well. That’s excusable then I suppose. No, no, don’t get up, I’ll do the dishes.

9 thoughts on “this morning is brought to you by SCIENCE

  1. well see i’m stalking you *smirk*

    actually i found you i think via a dread head community on livejournal or maybe it was a seattle community unsure either way i though oh she cute i gonna see her page and then i saw you had twitter so i added you

    not normally one to do such things so kinda shocked you noticed however twitter wont let me message you back so screw them

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