what is best in life?

You know it’s going to be a good day when, after realizing your coffee has run out the guy makes you an Americano which is mostly espresso. *DING*I’MAWAKEYESYESHELLO. Hi.

So I’ve spent the week in the company of Magpie, David, Libby, Molly, Nathan, Kristen, and Cristobat. We’ve been hanging stuff for Anachrotechnofetishism. Perching on ladders, hitting things with hammers, dropping staple guns (sorry guys), posting flyers (“that is the longest damn word I’ve ever seen”), calling people, sending e-mails, herding cats, eating amazing food, having lots of conversations, spray painting Buddy the Torso in back alleyways of questionable repute. It’s been great to be surrounded by such competent and passionate people, and I’m glad to be able to help them out (I’m a helper!). But by last night, we were fried. David and Libby had been shouting “CONAN! WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE?” at random moments throughout the week. But, given my general lack of pop culture knowledge, I didn’t really get it.

After we had finished up at the gallery, we meandered up Pike, plastered flyers in our wake. We picked up the fixin’s for David-made corn dogs (from scratch. zomg. And jalapeno relish). We picked up juice. A very lovely bottle of tequila. And Conan. Both of them.

he’s oiled up and ready to go, ladies and gents. he’s also a governor!

I still do not have a firm grasp of the plot. In fact, I’m not sure there is one. But there were lots of mostly naked chicks (“so wait, he covers her up and then rapes her?! That makes no sense!”), swords, and snakes. I’m still not sure wtf is up with the snakes.
It was not the booze that kept distracting me from the plot, as many might assume. No, it was the semi-constant feminist discussion that Magpie and David were having (“Conan ’bout to get some! Would you two watch for a minute?” “…so I think feminism on the East Coast is different than out here because..” “GUYS! REALLY!”). Also the pauses for smoke breaks (which I did not partake in), hair fixing, and musical interludes. And Venn Diagrams and Scattergrams, of course. I mean really.

I suppose the end point is that life is rad and you all should come to the art show tonight. There will be chocolate and tea and pretty people and music and I hear there’s even neat-o art. So yes. Kbye. (coffee.)

13 thoughts on “what is best in life?

    • Miss you too, and hope to see you out this way sometime in the near future!

      Magpie is an excellent house guest and friend. It’s so neat to be involved with you all.

  1. Okay, my absolute favorite memory of Conan is WHEN HE PUNCHES THE FUCKING HORSE. I watch that shit on repeat and laugh until I almost vomit.

    No, REALLY, the hilarity cannot be underestimated.

    Totally not vegan, but even I can make exceptions.

  2. To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

    You have no idea how much I wish I could be there with you all tonight.

    I generally prefer the first Conan movie, but I gotta admit that Grace Jones is so fucking crazy/badass in the second one. I would not fuck with her, man.

    • Re: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

      but I gotta admit that Grace Jones is so fucking crazy/badass in the second one.

      Hell YES she is. I absolutely loved how insane and terrifying she was in it. Then I kind of wanted to be her.

  3. Hot water, good dentishtry, and shoft lavatory paper,

    …oh sorry, wrong barbarian. *blush*

    Oh, for a transporter beam to the show. It (of course) looks fan.fucking.tastic.

  4. You pretty much have the gist of it, boy told riddle of steel, gets his tribe pwned, builds strength through slavery, becomes a gladiator, learns of his heritage, seeks his revenge, his cultist enemy answers the riddle for him, realize its true and sucks. Chess used to say that this is straight up script of Illuminati indoctrination… but he says that about all kinds of movies.

    My favorite part is at the end, right before the final battle.

    “Krom, I’ve never prayed to you before. Grant me strength and victory… blah blah blah… And if you do not hear me, then to HELL with you.”

    Pure discordian glee.

    Though he makes the arnold growl more in the Running Man.

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